Foil Laminate Industries Sdn Bhd(343587-x)

Reflection . Protection . Excellence

About Us

Foil Laminate Industries Sdn. Bhd. has built a reputation as a manufacturer of quality foil lamination and conversion products. During the past 15 years we have worked with our distribution channels to establish business throughout Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern countries.

Our distributors are supported by our team of technical sales specialists and offer a full range of quality products to meet diverse applications requiring radiant barrier solutions.

Through our drive for continual research and development we are committed to meeting our customer’s needs now and in the future.


To be admired as a leader in innovative foil laminated solutions based on an equitable partnership with customers, suppliers, employees and the community.


Our Company is focused on educating our customers on the importance and effectiveness of foil laminate radiant barrier and industrial solutions.

Our success is based on teamwork to provide environmentally sensitive and commercially viable products to both local and international customers.

Our business is conducted with integrity through prompt and ethical communication.

Our future is based on innovation, customer satisfaction and the dedication of individuals.