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Aluminum Foil – Radiant Barrier

The uses of Foil Laminate products are many, but the reason for their use is singular – to provide thermal insulation - a barrier against radiant heat and vapour.

Uncontrolled flow of thermal energy can be costly and damaging. However, by utilising a radiant barrier the following example situations can be managed.

  • Reducing cooling cost through effective heat reflection
  • Maintaining the desired internal temperature during winter
  • Increasing the efficiency of air-ducting insulation systems
  • Insulation of piping against extreme heat transfer
  • Protecting goods from extreme temperature and humidity fluctuation.

Foil Laminate Industries products act as a radiant barrier against CONDUCTION, CONVECTION and RADIATION of heat

Heat transferred through solid materials from a warmer medium to a cooler medium. Heat transfer via the movement of molecules within fluids (liquid and air). The emitting of electromagnetic waves from warmer objects to the surrounding area.

  • Building and Roofing Insulation

    Foil Laminate Industries products and solutions are environmentally sensitive and support the drive towards ‘Green Building’.

  • THERMSHIELD Thermal Protection Products

    Thermal protection is important for many items especially during manufacture or transportation that require protection from environmental factors such as heat, wind, rain, and dust. Our THERMSHIELD products help maintain the value and quality of goods which contribute to reducing scrap as a result of exposure to extreme temperature and humidity fluctuation.

    Our pallet covers and insulating blankets provide exceptional protection from thermal challenges as well as providing cushioning of the product as an added advantage. This is especially important for perishable and temperature sensitive products. Our covers are ideal for maintaining a consistent temperature during storage and transport.