Medi Shield (Protective Insulation Blanket)

An Emergency Rescue Blanket (ERB) is an especially low-weight, low-bulk blanket made of heat-reflective, thin, and metallized aluminium film. Silver in colour, it reflects more than 95% of radiated heat. The blanket is designed to retain warmth, and is both water resistant and windproof.

Protect Wrap high protection blanket is a cost effective, single use absorbent thermal wrap used in hospitals and by paramedics for the treatment and prevention of hypothermia and passive patient warming.

Baby Wrap blanket is a single use thermal wrap for babies and infants. Its function is to maintain baby’s body heat whilst providing a barrier against bacteria. It is thermally retentive and prevents convective, evaporative, conductive and radiant heat loss. No fasteners or straps are required for ease of use.

Emergency Rescue Blanket / Protect Wrap / Baby Wrap